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Nana Serviettes Hygiéniques Maxi Goodnight X12

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2,89 €

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Our bodies are not flat. We have curves and bends, especially around our V-Zones. New Nana Max Cour-V™ adaptive technology truly understands your intimate area, providing the sanitary protection you need and the most adaptive fit.  Comfort & Security Maxi Goodnight pads are longer and have wings to keep them in place in any sleeping position. They provide maximum protection and a comfortable fit for super heavy flow. With 3x absorption zones and core shaping elements, these Nana overnight pads adapt to your V-zone (that's the vagina, vulva, and V-shaped front you can see), taking care of your flow all through the night. ​ Developed by understanding women’s intimate anatomy, new Nana Comfort & Security Maxi Goodnight sanitary towels night with Max Cour-V™ deal not only with how blood comes out, but also with how it flows and travels. They are extra long, soft and body-adaptive night pads that feature 3x blood absorption areas. Their unique shape provides maximum protection keeping your clothes and bedsheets stain free, even during super heavy periods. The core shaping elements and wings of these Nana pads for women allow for maximum adaptability to your unique body and flow.  Because at Nana, we want you to sleep fearless. ​ ​ Roll.Press.Go™ technology makes these night sanitary pads with wings very convenient, easy to use and easy to dispose of safely. Simply unwrap a new towel, then roll up the used one in the wrapper. Press the sides to seal it closed, and it’s done.  With Nana Comfort & Security Maxi Goodnight night pads you get maximum adaptability, absorption and convenience. ​ Sleep sweetly to wake up fresh





Service consommateur

Essity France (SAS) Service Consommateurs Nana, 151-161 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 93400, Saint Ouen, France Essity France (SAS) Service Consommateurs Nana, 151-161 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 93400, Saint Ouen, France


A propos de la marque

En tant que marque d’hygiène féminine, Nana sait que se sentir sûre de soi et être à l’aise est primordial pour «tout oser». C’est pourquoi Nana s’engage à aider les femmes à donner le meilleur d’elles-mêmes avec des produits conçus afin de leur donner l’assurance nécessaire pour tout oser.



Conseils d'utilisation

Notre serviette SecurefitTM a une forme unique qui épouse parfaitement vos courbes et reste en place quels qye soient vos mouvements. Incroyablement confortable, notre serviette offre une protection tellement optimale que vous vous sentiez capable de tout !